Do You Foursquare?

Have you discovered Foursquare yet? It’s another form of social media that’s catching on like wildfire and is as entertaining as it is informative. To “play” you need a smart phone that supports apps. When installed, the app uses the GPS of your phone and let’s you know what stores, restaurants, etc are nearby. You then check-in, can add comments about your experience, and what’s really unique about this app is that you can also share what you wrote to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Because of this you can make one entry and update three of your forms of social media.

The game part of this is every time you check in somewhere you receive points, and the points add up to award you different badges. If you frequent a particular location a lot you can become the “Mayor”, and some establishments give special rewards and perks to their mayors.

Check out our recent Foursquare entries on our Twitter page, @lifestylist, or better yet follow us and you can get our updates immediately.

Sleep Experts: A Company That Understands Customer Service

When I needed at mattress set at the last minute for a model home for Champion Homes of Texas in Tulsa, I wasn’t sure where to go. The budgets for model homes don’t leave a lot in the bedding category so I needed something cost effective that would look big and fluffy to the buyer. Fortunately I happened to drive past a Sleep Expert Store and a new love affair was formed.

Customer Service? This company really gets it. From the moment I entered the store to the moment I drove away from the dock I felt pampered. My sales person Kevin Harris could not have been more helpful and less threatening. When I went to pick up my set at the warehouse after they got my information they immediately inquired if I would like coffee or a bottled water. And the warehouse? Spotless. Clean, well organized, and I would have been very comfortable sleeping on any mattress in there.

The other great thing about Sleep Experts is that they really give back to the community. When people have their existing mattresses picked up, Sleep Experts have them reconditioned and donated to a charity.  The good that they do with this program can’t be documented in words – it really has to be seen in person by the shelters and groups that have such a huge need for safe bedding.

If you are in a market that has a Sleep Expert Store, give them a try -you won’t be disappointed.

Partnering With a Home Improvement Store

Great design should be timeless, and I think this children’s room is a perfect example.

This was designed for @home Builders over 10 years ago – time truly does fly! It was a partnership marketing effort between @home Builders, The Home Idea Factory and Chase Pitkin Building Supplies. As many materials as possible were purchased from Chase Pitkin, and it showed consumers (and potential home buyers) how they could decorate their new home without breaking the bank.

The Headboard was just a fence gate – all that needed to be done was to strap it to the wall for safety. Gates come in a 36″ width which is the same as the width of a twin bed so no modifications were needed.

We also gave the lucky resident of this room a mailbox where reminders and notes could be stored. If the flag was up on the mailbox she knew she had mail!

This fun, happy room was very inexpensive to do and easy for even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer to replicate.

Celebrating the 4th of July the Lifestylist® Way

The 4th of July definitely had new meaning for me this year after viewing Restrepo, and now when we celebrate I celebrate in thanks for all of the sacrifices our soldiers are making for us overseas. It also has made me appreciate my family even more, so this 4th of July was a meaningful celebration.

Since my parents are selling their beautiful lake home at Hideaway Lake this is probably the last 4th we will all celebrate there. After 20 years we have lots of great memories, but now it’s time for someone else to enjoy it. Hideaway is the place to be for the 4th! A private lake and community, the 4th is celebrated with great food, competitions at the pool and of course the infamous boat parade. We’ve entered a lot of years and have never won but we sure have fun trying! This is a perfect example of the Lifestylist® movement – people enjoying their lives in style.

The fireworks this year were some of the best I’ve ever seen, and getting to view them from the boat with my family made it even more special. Happy 4th of July to all and remember how lucky we are to have the freedom that we do.