A Lifestylist Advisory on Super Bowl XLV

There are two things this Lifestylist knows a lot about: North Texas and great food. With Super Bowl XLV happening right here in our own back yard we wanted to give you an insiders guide of great things to do and dine while you are enjoying some Texas hospitality. The places everyone knows about will probably be packed, but there are lots of amazing spots that we normally don’t share with “outsiders” so we can be assured of getting our favorite table. I’m going to break the code of silence for this next week because we want you to experience our town like a local.
One of my favorite spots to enjoy the best in southern cuisine while enjoying a great cocktail is Hattie’s in the Bishop Arts District. Bishop Arts is about a mile south of downtown Dallas and this quaint area has lots of locally owned restaurants, shops and art galleries that are open late. The people watching is some of the best, too – you never know who will be dining next to you!
Moderately priced, this small, intimate restaurant encourages reservations. Be sure to check out the specials – you won’t be disappointed. My favorite appetizer is the fried green tomatoes – if you have never tried them before this is the place!
Try to allow enough time to enjoy a drink at the bar before dinner and say hello to the house mixologist Sam.
Hattie’s is open Tues. – Sat. 11:30 – 10pm. Phone: 214-941-7400

Behr Paints Makes it Personal

We just got back from The International Builder’s Show where we finally were able to debut The New American Home that we were chosen to be the Lifestylists for. It was a busy, exciting time and now I can finally get back to sharing all of the exciting trends and ideas that were shared at the show.

I’ve been asked what I thought was the best marketing campaign and presentation by an exhibitor, and I have to say hands down it had to be Behr Paints this year. I received an invitation in the mail before the show to come by their booth and pick up a great gift, and I would also receive a pass to be able to visit their hospitality suite and enjoy free food and beverages during the show. Considering a latte cost me $8.00, taking advantage of their hospitality kept my expenses down, and it was a great area to get a feel of what others thought about the show.

11 Ways To Cut Travel Costs From The NY Times

I don’t know anyone who isn’t on a budget these days, and it seems like every time I need to travel the cost goes up. I’ve been busy planning my trip this weekend for the debut of The New American Home, and I had to do some digging, but I was able to get some great fares (thanks Southwest!) and accommodations.

The NY Times is there to help us with our dwindling travel budgets and just published “11 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs” and offers some great ways to keep your expenses in check.