Would You Live in a Mobile Home or Trailer Park?

Words can be such powerful things. Every time I hear “trailer park” or “mobile home” I cringe – mostly because of the stereotypes that go along with these two phrases. I’ve become intrigued lately with land lease communities – the beautiful areas that factory built housing can be sited and you lease the land that your home sits on. Many of these communities have pools, golf courses, clubhouses – everything you need for resort style living. Plus many of these are in dramatic locations such as Oceanside, near ski slopes or in the mountains in areas you could never afford.

Today’s factory built housing hardly resembles the mobile homes of yesteryear – the only constant is that they both arrive on wheels. Factory built homes are built to national specifications, and are built to last using the same products that are found in most site built homes. The biggest difference I tend to see is that factory built homes usually offer more cabinets and counter space in the kitchens and baths!

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you as I discover some of the finest land lease communities, and I’m hoping to be working on some Lifestylist® Designed Homes just for these communities as well.

Great Expectations

In some ways this Lifestylist is a creature of habit. I’ll try new things, but when I find something I love, I’ll keep coming back for more.  When I’m fortunate enough to fly through Buffalo, NY I immediately head to Ted’s Charcoal Hots – I know I can expect a perfectly cooked hot dog grilled over a wood fire for under $3.00. In over 30 years they have not done me wrong. I stepped out of my comfort zone lately and tried their cheeseburgers and it was one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever had, and again I think it was under $3.00.

Since I live in Texas there’s no chance of getting a Teds burger any time soon, but a few years ago Central Market would every once in awhile fire up a charcoal grill outside their Lover Lane location and served cooked to order burgers. They were awesome! Since it is a gourmet grocery store, they always served the best beef and fresh onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles to make it your own. This month they are hosting “Burger Revolution” and I was thrilled to see the grill was back in business. I went up there today just to spoil myself with one of their creations, and after placing my order and waiting 45 minutes, I realized I was going to be disappointed. The grill “master” clearly didn’t have a clue what he was doing – he let the fire burn down and the burgers were raw, plus at 1 pm. they said they were out of pickles, onions, bacon… but you are sitting in front of a grocery store with a 20 ft. long sign advertising your burger revolution! I left burger-less, disappointed and hungry.

Last week I wanted to do something nice for my kids and grandkids so I decided to book a night at the Hilton Resort on Singer Island. I have expectations when I stay at a Hilton, and I’m willing to pay the price for the service that is promised. The location was fantastic, but when we checked into our room the phones and TV didn’t work, the the bathroom had mold growing by the floor, the robe hook had been pulled out of the back of the door, and the clothesline to hang wet bathing suits on was broken as well – a problem when you have 4 people planning on enjoying the pool and beach. Will I go back? Probably not – I’ll try out the Marriott that is a few doors down and hope I have a better experience. I also thought it was interesting how interested Hilton was in why you were booking at their hotel when you made your reservation but there was no follow-up to see how your stay was afterwards.

My clients have high expectations of the services and work that I do, and my first priority is to always live up to those expectations. And I’m not afraid to ask – if I don’t I might lose a cherished customer because I didn’t make the effort to show them I care about their business.


The Non-Logic of Delta Airlines

I knew it was too good to be true – my last flight on Delta Airlines I had a great pilot who actually made me feel good about giving Delta my hard earned dollars. The honeymoon didn’t last long – less than a week later and their lack of logic rears it’s ugly head again.

My next flight is an exciting one – I’m getting to go and visit my kids and grandkids, and attend the shower for my soon to be new grandson! Fares have dropped since I booked it, and I thought I’d try to get in a little earlier so 10 days out, I tried to change my reservations. Keep in mind I’ve flown almost 1,000,000 miles and I’m part of their “elite” group.

First I went to their website and they only showed flights with crazy connections, so I called and tried to change it the old fashioned way. I won’t bore you with the details, but they informed me that it would cost me over $450.00 even though the cost of the flight had gone down! So I said that I would just buy a one way ticket which was now $114.00, but Janelle replied she would still charge me $450.00 because I would be “flying out of sequence”. I asked then why I was being penalized for paying for 2 tickets and only using one, and she said it was because there would be an empty seat, and they might have been able to sell it for over $300.00. When I said none of this was logical, she said to fly with someone else then. Did I mention this was a supervisor?

If I ran my business like this I’d be out of business. A Lifestylist® understands that it’s all about you, the customer – Your Life. Your Style. Your Way.  This is why Southwest Airlines is so successful – they appreciate you and make flying logical!